All Work & No Play Makes for a Dull Life

This is part of a minimalist comic drawing by Graeme Mcnee showing how he starts the day.  He wakes with the sun & meditates on his thoughts for his daily Minimal Comic.

He then makes a high protein breakfast & reads. He says, “I agree with John Keats who said the world would be a much better place if people avoided the news at breakfast and read a poem or piece of prose instead”.

Graeme lives by a minimalist philosophy in which he focuses on the quality of life gaining through daily experience & freedom rather than prioritizing gain in a monetary fashion.  He writes, “I teach part time to pay for the few living expenses I have. The rest of the time I spend drawing or exploring life.
I hope that when I die, I will have tried everything I could think of doing in this world”.

It is refreshing & truly inspiring to see someone living in American culture have a more simplistic & less materialistic approach to life.

For more inspiration read his full daily routine here.

Images by Graeme Mcnee.


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