Celebrity Power

New Yorker, Brett Cohen set out to fake being a celebrity for one night.  He dressed the part, hired two bodyguards & had someone following him with a camera.

The video footage shot shows how successful he was at faking being a famous celebrity.  People wanted pictures with him & even believed they had seen him in some hot new movie or heard his latest hit song.  The psychological trick this played on the minds of the spectators is quite amazing & entertaining.  Watch the video here on the laughing squid site to see how people reacted to Brett Cohen, overnight star.

The way we perceive a situation draws a lot on our socio-cultural background. Our culture clearly defines things like what a celebrity is in our minds. In our cultures celebrities are expected to look a certain way such as having bodyguards, a camera crew, poparazzi & a gathering crowd.   The crowd mentality is really at play here, with people feeding off of each others perceptions & altering their beliefs & truths about this person who they actually have never heard of.  It is pretty amazing how sold people are to the point of conjuring up facts that are not true about this fake celebrity.  This is a great social experiment that tells a lot about our cultural perceptions & expectations.

Happy Friday!!!

Via Laughing Squid


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