Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is a playful contact style of movement that blends yoga, healing & acrobatics.  Two people (can be more), a base & a flyer, pair up & work with each other to produce cool body movements & poses.   Since it works on physics principals that stack & align joints, etc. the base can be smaller than the flyer & everyone can participate.  There can also be a spotter to assist the base & flyer.  As a first timer you will be able to do quite a few cool moves & as you progress the moves do also just like in yoga!

This style of yoga becomes a dance that connects people & gives us a chance to experience the healing human touch.  Children come into contact constantly on the playground & as adults we often become more reserved & closed off to such interaction.  This yoga gives you the opportunity to be childlike again in a way that engages a true community spirit.

If you are interested in checking out acro yoga there is a workshop tomorrow at Project Yoga Richmond from 6:30-7:30pm.  Cost is only $15.

Pic from Project Yoga Richmond facebook page


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