Play Time

Makeup artist Shelia Gray in action

Yesterday me & about 30 or so other adults played dress up on a day that was not Halloween!  We were all participating in a rock video filming for League of Space Pirates at the Byrd Theatre.

Playtime for adults is often delegated into very specific categories.  Specific in the time of day or year, the place, the age group, etc. This event was a great reminder of how fun dress up can be; especially on a day that is not designated for such activities.  There were men, women & children of ages ranging from 12 to 72 in the group & everyone was having a blast with the costumes, makeup & overall playfulness in the middle of a Friday.

If you love Halloween, I am sure that you too can relate to the fun of playing dress up & doing something out of the ordinary.  If you love this kind of play, think about hosting dress up parties or outings with your friends that fall on random days of the year.  Have fun & let me know if you end up creating a dress up party of your own!


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