Don’t Miss the Maharaja

Procession of Ram Singh II of Kota (detail) via VMFA

This is a pic from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts site for the current exhibit Maharaja: The Spendors of India’s Great Kings.  The exhibit gives you a taste of India from the 1700’s through the 1900’s.  The intricacy of the costumes, the furniture, & the illustrations are amazing!

One of the most historically interesting things that I saw was the juxtaposition of a king who reigned before & during the British occupation.  There are two photos of the same king, one of him in traditional Indian garb & the other is of him in British garb.  If they didn’t have a plaque telling you that the two photos you were viewing were of the same king you would think they were two different people.  It had to be wild going through such a crazy transformation.  You can’t take pics in the exhibit so you will have to go & see for yourself!

The Maharaja exhibit will soon be departing the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Check it out before it is gone; the exhibit is up through August 19th.


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