Eco ’til Death

Many of us have embraced living an eco lifestyle.  But have you thought of an eco burial style?  The pic above is from the cleverly named site final footprint & is of a natural casket made of sea grass.

Green or Eco burials are on the rise as more people look to cycle back into nature once dead.  It is also chosen as a means by which to preserve the natural habitat as well.  In the past people looking to create less of a harmful impact on the environment looked to cremation.  Green burial is an alternative where there is no embalming, no fancy sealed casket & your body is allowed to decompose naturally into the earth.

The pic above from the eco pod site & is a casket made from recycled paper.

They also come in a fancier style like the one pictured above from the site environmental caskets.

Although many of us don’t like to think of the inevitability of death, it is nice to see a style of natural burial where your remains can nurture the earth, adding your beauty to nature.


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