This is a pic of a cake by Amanda Robinson owner of Sweetfix.  Her cakes rival Ace of Cakes any day!!

Amanda writes about the cake above: “The box and the bottle are all cake. Everything that you see is edible including the stamps, maps, tape, corkscrew and the wood counter base. These are 20th century French postage stamps, the maps are vintage French maps, the packaging material is made from white chocolate curls, and the label on the bottle reads “retraite heureuse”, which means “Happy retirement” in French. This is a Carrot-Ginger-Pecan cake with Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream, this cake will serve about 25.”  The list of flavors is a long one & the creativity of what she can create is limitless.  Her buttercream is out of this world!

She also does beautiful table staging as seen in the pic above.  Her style can match any taste from classy to funky, from traditional to more modern.  There is something for everyone from cake pops to gigantic wedding cakes.  I have personally had these cakes & am blown away by the look & the taste!  She is simply the best!

Pics from Sweetfix facebook page.


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