Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful is an initiative of Lululemon in Short Pump for women to share in their diverse beauty.  Tonight they had a wonderful event that centered on loving yourself for all that you are.

Artist, Susan Singer, gave an opening presentation on being compassionate & loving to yourself; letting go of preconceived notions of beauty & finding freedom in that release & acceptance.  She had us write affirmations of our beauty on our bodies so as we participated in the yoga class that followed we could be reminded of this strength.  Susan is known for her art that empowers women.  Last year she did a show titled “Not Barbie” that showcased all types of beauty, breaking from the constraints that society has put upon women & the definition of beautiful.

Following Susan, Lululemon Ambassador Becky Eschenroeder, taught a wonderfully inspiring yoga class that filled us all up with beautiful energy.  As we moved through poses the cityscape, setting sun & wonderful buzz of the summer night made a perfect backdrop.

For the culminating surprise end of the event, Lululemon passed around lanterns that we lit & watched float off into the sky.  I had always wanted to see these lanterns in action & it was a perfect way to cap off a beautiful evening.

If we can begin to truly believe that there is beauty within ourselves other than what beauty magazines & media define, then only will young women coming into their bodies be able to believe that they too are truly beautiful.  Happy Beautiful Little Friday!!!


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