Africa Yoga Project

I am a bit obsessed with East Africa.  In college while studying Anthropology I took a semester on People’s of Africa.  It opened my eyes up to an amazing world; I fell in love with the people, the history, & the land.  Simultaneously I was taking African dance & fell in love with the earth bound movements & loved hearing the stories that the movements captured along with the Swahili language.  It is no wonder that I am super attracted to the Africa Yoga Project.

The Africa Yoga Project is based in East Africa spreading yoga teachings throughout the communities promoting physical, mental & emotional well being.  Baron Baptiste traveled to the area in 2009 holding the first teacher trainings certifying over 50 teachers!  These teachings have multiplied & are now producing free yoga classes weekly in orphanages, community halls & schools.  Some schools have incorporated this into their curriculum which is quite forward thinking!

Yogi is all about change & opening.  Yogis too often separate themselves into one category of yoga.  Yoga tends to get stuck into a format that is strict in its implementation & bounded by many limitations.  In the beginnings of one’s yoga journey this is normal as a way to assert ownership over one’s practice & strong love for a transformative form of empowerment.  As you grow in your practice you begin to open up to all forms of yoga as a means by which to help others explore & find power & peace within themselves.  Yoga can be done anywhere; indoors, outdoors, on land, on water, on a train, on a plane – you only need your self & an open mind.  The Africa Yoga Project is a wonderful example of how one form of yoga has transcended the confines of a classroom & has reached deep into the communities & the streets.  Are you open to different forms of yoga?  The more you explore the diversity the world has to offer the more knowledge you harness to share.

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