Unicorn Skies

I have deemed a beautiful rainbow sky a unicorn sky as appropriately named by someone that grew up in the ’80’s.  This week I was privileged to witness THREE unicorn skies!!  The first one was partial & showed the full ROYGBIV rainbow spectrum.  As did the second one (pictured above) that occurred right after I taught Happy Friday Flow yoga; we all walked out of class & there was a full rainbow with a double rainbow shadowing it; now that was some powerful yoga!!!

The third rainbow (pictured above) I saw on Saturday riding back from a family trip & it was another FULL rainbow.  Not only was it full but it ended in the road we were driving on & we drove through it several times!!!  I believe we may have some sort of magical powers now:)

Nature is the Universe’s greatest artist!!! To Unicorn Skies!!!  May your week be full of magic & beauty!


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