Art-O-Mat Swap

The first Art-o-mat® was made by Clark Whittington in 1997 as part of a solo art exhibit.  He repurposed a vintage cigarette machine to dispense & sell his black & white photographs as part of his show.  Thus was the beginning of Art-o-mat®; re-purposed vintage cigarette machine filled with art!  Artists from all over submit original art pieces that are available in these machines for only $5!!  These machines give art an interesting platform that is accessible to all.  There is one here in RVA at The Visual Arts Center located at 1812 West Main Street.

This Saturday, July 28th, from 1-4:30pm there will be an Art-o-mat® swap at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C.!  This is an opportunity to meet some of the artists that have been involved & for you to get involved yourself by creating your own artpaks!  These artpaks will be swapped between the artists at the event!  For more information visit this site.

Pics from Art-o-mat® site.


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