Night Rider

Anthem, Agee’s Bicycles, Blue Moon beer, & Martin’s is hosting the Sportsbackers Anthem Moonlight Ride.  It’s a bike riding event for the expert cyclist to the casual cyclist.  There is a Half moon course that is 8 miles long & a Full Moon course that is 17 miles long.  The race is split up into different start times depending on your level of cycling with one start time for families.  Everyone is encouraged to deck their bikes out in lights!

This event takes place on August 4th.  Bike check in starts at 5pm with the first wave of riders taking off at 8pm as darkness falls.  Agee’s post ride party starts at 9pm & the festivities are over at 11pm.
I checked & it looks as though the full moon hits August 2nd, so if it’s a clear night the moon should be brightly shining.  You can register online through August 2nd.  For more details visit the Sportsbackers Anthem Moonlight Ride page here.  Sounds like an awesome summertime activity for the family!  Great way to celebrate these beautiful summer nights!

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