Sphinx music


Photo by Mike Mouradian

Sphinx is an organization whose mission is to “transform lives through the power of diversity in the arts”.  The founder of the organization, Aaron Dworkin, (pictured above) aims to provide a supportive space for minorities in the music world so they can engage with one another creating a community that encourages their growth & talent.  As a young Black, White, Irish, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witness, Irish Catholic Aaron wants other young adults to get the support that he would have liked growing up as a minority in the arts.

Each year the organization holds The Sphinx Competition in Detroit, Michigan.  It is open to Black & Latino string musicians from Junior High age to College age.  This competition offers them a chance to showcase their talents as well as connect with other minorities all over the United States giving them more support & encouragement to further their talents.

Being in your teens to early adulthood is challenging enough; it can be an awkward time already & having a commonality with your peer gives you the healthy support to make it through these years of rapid change & growth.  The communities that Aaron has established help to healthily spur the growth of these young adults lives.  This is just another example showing the positive impacts of living a passionate purposeful life.


One thought on “Sphinx music

  1. This is inspiring. What a wonderful project and how wonderful to know that there are such passionate, caring people in the world when we hear so much negativity all the time in the media. Thanks for sharing.

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