Wonderful Water

In this heat it’s important to stay hydrated.  Water can get boring after awhile.  To perk it up a bit add cucumber, orange slices, basil or mint.  This simple solution is tasty & quite impressive in a glass pitcher.  I serve this at my house in the summer & it’s an easy way to impress your family & guests.

If you feel that you are plenty hydrated but are still lagging, it’s quite possible that you are lacking electrolytes.  Make sure you are getting enough minerals with your water.  For a quick homemade electrolyte drink add some citrus, sugar & salt to your water!  The amount you put in is up to your individual taste.  It’s a fun experiment, tastes better than the commercial product without the preservatives & toxic color additives.

Enjoy the summer & stay healthy!

Pic via Examiner.com.


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