Delapidated to Dollhouse

This pic is of Heather Benning’s art project ‘Dollhouse‘.  It was created in 2008 as part of her artist in residency for the town of Redvers in Saskatchewan, Canada. (Pic via Milk & Bread)

As a child Heather played in an old abandoned farmhouse near her childhood home that was much like this one.  She & many other families had to abandon their farm homes as times got tough for farmers.  Using her restoration skills she learned from a previous occupation she was able to bring to life a house that was abandoned in the 1960’s.  With this art piece she has created a beautiful piece of art that is nostalgic not only for the 1960’s but for her own childhood as well.

Heather says, “dolls are little miniature notions of humans that children carry with them, they create fake souls for them.  A lot of children who are attached to dolls use them to cope with all of the negatives of life so they don’t have to carry the negatives with them.  I think as adults we all have that giant doll somewhere with all of our fears and troubles.” (Galleries West, 2009, What’s Left Behind, by Andrew Markle)

Making an artful home out of a house that was abandoned breathes new life into this structure & the hearts that it touches.

Pic via


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