Making Magic!!!

 The Magic Wand Project for Kids is a community project that inspires kids to perform acts of kindness.  It was started by Patience Salgado after hearing her 7 year old’s tell her younger child of 5 years old that “Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.”  Patience gathered up some wands & with a little glitter the magic of kindness was born in The Magic Wand Project. In May, 100 wands with instructions to perform three acts of kindness were hidden all over RVA for kids to find.  With more than 1,000 wands being distributed since May the kindness is spreading!
Recently a story of a  NY school bus monitor, Karen Kleis, being brutally bullied by the kids riding the bus went viral.  When The Magic Wand project heard about this unfortunate news they saw an opportunity to help spread a little more magic!  This Thursday, June 28th the Magic Wand Project & the Children’s Museum of Richmond is hosting a magic wand making event from 10am-12pm.  At the event Richmond children will make wands to send to the children in this area of NY in an effort to spark kindness.  Tickets are $8 but if that’s a bit much for you & you would still like to attend please contact
Everyone can use a little magic on Mondays!!  Get out your magic wand & spread a little magic this Monday!!
Pic from The Magic Wand Project for Kids

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