Shake Your Asana!

“Shake your asana” is a shout out you may hear from MC Yogi at one of his concerts.  MC Yogi is a yoga teacher & DJ based in California.  He is either teaching yoga, dancing or spinning kharmic tunes at yoga festivals, museums & even The White House!  The pic above is from when he & his wife were invited by Michelle Obama to teach yoga at The White House.

MC Yogi was not always so centered.  In his teen years, he was quite rebellious & self destructive.  Finding yoga gave him the strength to fulfill his true potential.  Today he continues on that journey towards enlightenment & recently took a pilgrimage through India that you can read about on his travel blog, MC Yogi PilgrimageHe just released an album that reflects this trip titled Pilgrimage.  MC Yogi says, “Pilgrimage is what I call a “Pill for the Grim Age.” The more we venture into the great unknown and travel beyond our borders, the more we can see and discover for our self that which is animating everything. So, Go explore!”

This is a wonderful example of the strength of the human spirit & the healing power of yoga.  The more you practice your passion, the stronger you will become & the happier you will be.

Pic from MC Yogi site.


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