Penthouse Hives!

Bees are all of the rage these days.  It is another wonderful component to the local foodie movement!  It is no surprise that New York & Paris have been on the forefront to bring this bee popularity from the backyard into some of  the finest, well known dining establishments.  Boutique hotels like the Waldorf Estoria in NY & the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris have added bees to their list of sustainable practices & incorporate honey as an added amenity, from hive tours to using it in their kitchens.

What may sweetly surprise you is that Richmond’s very own Jefferson Hotel has recently installed it’s own hives!!  In a recent Style Weekly article by Melissa Scott Sinclair, “Honeybees Take Jefferson Hotel by Swarm”, Lemaire restaurant of the Jefferson Hotel is highlighted as having one of the first beehives installed by David Stower of Urban Backyard Edibles. Part of Urban Backyard Edibles initiative is to get local restaurants to host their own bee hives, adding to the network of beehives in the city as well & providing a very local ingredient for their foods.  The pic above by Scott Elmquist is of David Stower & Lemaire’s executive chef, Walter Bundy on the roof of the Jefferson Hotel.

The movement ranges from hobbyists to experts & backyards to upscale businesses.  It would be no surprise if there is someone in your immediate circle that has been stung by the bee craze.  Perhaps you’ve been stung yourself!


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