Lego Love!

Sean Kenney loved creating things as a kid & as an adult would come home from the office & play with his legos.  He eventually quit his office job & became one of eleven certified Lego artists in the world.

The pic above from Sean’s site is of a life size green bike he built, along with a traffic jam built by Lego enthusiasts in all black.  He got the idea for this piece as he bicycled by New Yorkers that were driving cars & stuck in traffic jams.  I love that this piece is one with an eco social commentary.

The pic above (©Reiman Gardens and Sean Kenney) is from his current solo art exhibition at Reiman Gardens of Iowa University.  The show is comprised of 27 sculptures out of approximately 500,000 Legos & is up until October 28th of this year.

This takes Legos to a whole other level!!! Sean Kenney is super talented!  A great example of making your passion part of your life’s work.


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