Your Truth

The Truth Booth is a word bubble shaped confession booth of sorts.  It is the collaborative art project by Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks, and Hank Willis Thomas of the Cause Collective.

The idea of The Truth Booth (In Search of The Truth) came from an earlier project in 2006 where the Cause Collective used inflated word balloons to represent the myriad of cultures at the University of California.  Through this project they began to explore the possibilities of what truth really is & how it could be as diverse as a language or culture.

In 2011, In Search of the Truth (a.k.a. The Truth Booth) was born.  It is a mobile art installation that captures 2 minute videos of people finishing the line “The truth is….”.

The truth is different for many of us; it can be difficult & it can be beautiful.  Pretend that you have stepped into that booth for 2 minutes and finish the line “The truth is…..”.


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