Feet in the Trees

You’ve heard the expression head in the clouds, referring to a dreamy state of being.  This is my more grounded version; feet in the trees!!  I took this pic this spring on a hike in Amherst County, Virginia.

It’s rare we stop, lie on the ground & stare up!!  We are used to looking ahead putting one foot in front of the other, often staring at the ground as not to trip up.  We are in constant motion, moving forward with a beeline to the next thing.  Taking the time to stop on the path in stillness helps in giving us a fresh perspective.  Having this patience to pause, gives us time to take in some deep breaths & reconnect with ourselves in order to assess the path that we are on.

It’s important to have laser beam focus when working towards a goal.  It’s just as important to take the time to reassess that goal & it’s pertinence to your life as it changes daily.  Take the time, lie on the ground, look up!!  Take some deep breaths & assess the path you are on &  allow it to evolve with you.


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