Real Life Super Hero!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Noah Scalin.  Artist, author, rockstar, muse, philanthropist, activist,….real life Super-Hero.

In 2004, Noah Scalin received an award from Style Weekly called 40 Under 40 which highlights people in Richmond VA under 40 that have made lasting contributions to the community.  That was 8 years ago.  Today is Noah’s 40th Birthday & the contributions continue.

Noah sets goals & with a lot of skill, hard work & determination accomplishes them.   He has been running his own socially conscious graphic design firm, Another Limited Rebellion, for over 10 years. He continually follows his passions which include creating infectious art projects like Skull-A-Day & Make Something 365 that inspire & positively change the lives of people all over the world.  To date he has three books he has authored & one that he has co-authored (all FOUR pictured above).  He currently gives speeches to Fortune 500 companies that awaken the creative mind & spur innovation.  His art is internationally known.  He is also the singer & song-writer in a band that he started called League of Space Pirates.  Most recently he finished a painting project of 100 Skulls!

Noah has accomplished extraordinary feats in a fraction of his life!!!  He works hard every day & his determination & motivation are unparalleled.  The above image is text written by Noah, “Creativity is….what you make of life”.  As reflected in his artwork, Noah has a lot of creativity & is a living example of making the most of your life.

Noah:  To your many lifetime achievements to date & the many that are to come!!  I am grateful to have you in my life.  Happy Birthday Honey!!  You are amazing!!!!


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