Honest Opinion

A friend posted a comment on facebook that spoke to the unbridled honesty of children.    My friend has decided to not dye her graying hair.  Her sister exclaimed that she liked the gray hair.  They posed the question to a young child in the room whether she should dye her hair or not.  The child said without qualm, “YES!  Dye it.”

I love this story. The pure honesty of a child is refreshing.  This story reminded me of the show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.  It is enlightening & hilarious.

As we learn the ways of the world, we learn to cushion the truth as to not hurt people’s feelings.  It’s not about whether or not gray hair is beautiful;  that’s an opinion. The difference between an honest opinion of a jerk & of a purer party is the intention.  A purer opinion doesn’t aim to hurt.  If you are ever looking for an honest opinion ask a truly good friend or a kid!

Pic from tvrage.


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