The Amazing Library!!!

Today I went to the local library with a friend who needed to drop off a few books & I got a library card!!    My friend & her son go often as it is an activity that they both can enjoy; it’s educational & it’s free!!  I had thought about getting a library card for awhile but I have so many books to read on my own bookshelves I often feel as though I have a library in my own home.

With the ease of finding info on the internet or buying discounted books online, the library is often forgotten.  Our society has become one of immediate gratification & disposables.  Even items that are recyclable take energy to produce & to dispose of.  The recent economy has highlighted our disposable culture & as people look for ways to save money the library is a wonderful solution.  The library is not only free, but it is also a wonderful example of community sharing where one book serves the needs of hundreds of people.

I can remember learning the Dewey Decimal system in grade school & in college I remember lugging many heavy books to my dorm room to do research papers.  You can still check out actual books, but today’s libraries are more tech savvy.  They have self check out computers & e-books!

Have you been to your local library?  If not, go to your local library & get your card today!!!


One thought on “The Amazing Library!!!

  1. When I was a small child, I’d walk with my mother and baby sister, to our local public library which was over a mile away. Mom would say, “we’re going to get free books!” On the walk home, she’s say “Look at all the free books we have.” I’d have a couple under my arm and more would be in baby sister’s carriage. It was such a big deal and it still is. Free books. Now I often get my free books via the library’s eBooks downloaded to my eReader. FREE BOOKS!

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