Future You

Have you ever wished that you could hold yourself accountable for your goals or be your own cheerleader in the future?  You can with Future Me!!!

Future Me was created by Matt Sly & Jay Patrikios.  It enables you to send yourself a future email!  Here are a couple of examples of people’s Future Me submissions from their site:

“Today I received an email from myself that I had written in May of this year. I was moved to tears…tears of compassion for myself, and healing because this letter was SO timely I couldn’t have received a better message of encouragement from any friend.” – Deborah in Michigan

“I love this website. I love the fact that I have a ten year plan for my future and I will receive emails periodically along the way inquiring how I am doing on some of my goals. I love that I have a journal entry today or last week that will show up as an email in 1 year from today. I love how it will make me reflect on this time and question my reasoning as to why I felt a certain way and if I have matured or grown from the experience.” – Joan in New Mexico

I sent myself a message today that I will receive one year from today!  What message will you send to future you?

Image from futureme.org


One thought on “Future You

  1. The first time I got a message from “past me” I was stunned – what is this? I’d forgotten all about it in a year’s time. But you know what? I’d accomplished my goal.

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