Wave Your Magic Wand!

Kindness girl has started the amazing Magic Wand Project.  200 wands have been hidden all over Richmond!  100 in places that children will find them & 100 in places that adults will find them.  Upon finding a wand, the lucky discoverer will have the power of the wand in their hands.  Each wand comes with special instructions that when followed will spread good will & inspiration to others.

I love the sentiment & the cleverness of this project!  I hope to find one because they are cool!  But, physical wand or not, we all have the power to initiate acts of kindness for positive change!  On the children’s wands she asks that they do three acts of kindness & then re-hide the wand for another child to find.

My three wand actions are to: 1) EMPOWER others to fulfill their ideal lifestyles through personal consultations  2) OPEN peoples minds & bodies through affordable donation based yoga  3) INSPIRE people to see the world in a brighter light through my daily blog.  Now I pass the wand to you.  What three magic wand actions are you currently putting into action?  or What three magic wand actions are you going to put into action;)?  Use this project as a motivator to wave your own magic wand of kindness.

Happy Magic Friday!!!

Image from the Kindness Girl Blog.

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