Space Pirates!!!! Arghh!

The League of Space Pirates (LOSP) is a band of rogue musicians who travel the universe spreading good will through their music.  Band members include local celebrity Noah Scalin, Abby Davis & Mikemetic!  This is a pic of The League of Space Pirates (LOSP) record.  This record is a great example of how creative this band is!!!  The shape of the record & the cover art of the record is all work of artist & lead singer in the band, Noah Scalin.

The League of Space Pirates are hosting an event THIS SATURDAY at GALLERY 5 (200 West Marshall Street) @ 7PM!  This is not just a rock show!  It is a Cabinet of Cosmic Curiosities & The cabinet is full of entertainers!!!  At the event, New York’s The Lady Aye will amaze with her sword swallowing, fire eating,  & enchanting stage presence!!!  She is a hot topic having been on the Discovery Channels show Oddities!  A few other cosmic curiosities to expect are: the best DJ in RVA Mikemetic, the entrancing belly dancer Khalima, & the creative body painter Shelia Gray.  There will also be a spaced out photo booth set up to document you & your friends in your space pirate costumes. Coming in costume as a space pirate will not only be more FUN, but it will also get you $5 off the $15 cover charge!  $10 for a night that will be an eclectic experience like none other in Richmond is a steal!!!

I’m excited to dress up on a day that’s not even Halloween!!!  Can’t wait to see what costumes people’s imaginations come up with!!  As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  This event is a great chance to use your imagination!!!  See you there!!!

Happy Little Friday!!!


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