Walking with Diamond!

The other day before yoga class one of my students shared with me the video, “Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!”, by Steve Yu.  My student said that it reminded him of me; He said, “you believe in us”.  Happy tear; pass me the tissues please.

The video is a story of a military veteran, Arthur Boorman, who sustained debilitating knee & back injuries from the repeated parachute landings he took in the military.  As a result he was told he would not be able to walk on his own again.  Once a fit lean man, he gained 140 pounds, was often in a wheelchair & was severely depressed.  He sought out yoga instructors for help but was turned away many times.  This video is the story of how he not only regained the strength in his body, but also his will to live with the help of Diamond Dallas Page.  Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is an ex-wrestler turned yoga instructor that was so touched by the healing powers that yoga had on him that he became a teacher himself.

As a yoga teacher I am continuously inspired & enlightened by my students.  I have worked with people with rods in their spines, knee replacements, hip replacements, fibromyalgia…the list goes on & on.  These students are always my most spirited, hardest working students & because of this they get amazing life transforming results.  Thanks to my students for giving me purpose & strength in my own life to do the things that at times seem impossible!

Happiness is a choice.  The power, the strength that you have is equal to your willingness to try!  We all have effort within us.  How much effort are you willing to exert?

Pic of DDP & Arthur from TeamDDP Yoga.


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