Giant Heart Houses Giant Tortoises

Brendon Grimshaw became the owner of Moyenne Island in the early 1960’s & has since turned it into a nature reserve with the help of his friend, Rene Antoine Lafortune.  As part of this effort they have planted thousands of trees, created nature paths & breed aver 100 Giant Tortoises!  This hard work has made the island so gorgeous & unique that he has been offered millions of dollars.  With the knowledge that the buyers would build luxury hotels & infringe upon the natural beauty of the reserve he has rejected the offers.

I learned of this story through npr site’s BBC video interview, “An 86-year-old, real life Robinson Crusoe”, by Simon Reeve who visited Moyenne Island this April.  In the video you get to see the youthful 86 year old Brendon Grimshaw in action!  You also get to see a 2 wk. old baby Giant Tortoise:)

This is a wonderful story showing the impact that passion & purpose can have!!

Pic from the BBC site.


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