Peddling Out of the Projects

This is a pic I took of the Richmond Cycling Corps studio that is located in Scott’s Edition next door to the Kickstand coffee tasting cafe.  The Richmond Cycling Corps purpose “is to change the lives of youth who live in Richmond’s public housing projects”.  Their mission statement reads:

WE use cycling as our platform for CHANGE. We infuse ourselves; our passion, our values, our creativity, our drive, and our dedication into the lives of our youth. We have fun. We laugh. We teach. We learn. We promise our youth, that if they stay with Richmond Cycling Corps, they will get out of the projects. We will never break our promise. We will never become set in our ways; we will always be dynamic in our approach to changing youth LIVES. We are fearless in our approach to our purpose. We will not become tangled in red-tape, policy, politics, and talking heads. We will always deliver action, not messaging. Life is too short, and we, including our youth, have a lot to accomplish. We will always be passionate towards our purpose.

The organization started as a dream scribbled down on a napkin & was fully realized by Craig Dodson in 2008 when the organization started.

What dreams have you scribbled down on a napkin? or have often thought of doing?  Dream big, work hard & your passion will lead you to your purpose.


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