Coffee with a Kick!

There are coffee drinkers & there are coffee lovers.  If you are a coffee lover or are coffee curious check out Lamplighter Roasting Company’s new satellite office Kickstand that is in Scott’s Edition at 1717 Summit!  It is a small, delightful tasting room that provides coffee education along with connoisseur coffee options.  It is the only coffee place in RVA utilizing the pour over method of making a cup of coffee.

I visited for the first time yesterday & was educated by Zach on the Chemex pour over system that was developed in the 1940s.  He took the time to answer ever little question my friend & I had about this process where science meets coffee!  I took these pics as he prepared our coffee using this system.

It was a delicious & inspiring visit to say the least!  If you too geek out on fine foods check it out!!!  Currently open from 8am-2pm Mon-Fri. Cash only


One thought on “Coffee with a Kick!

  1. I didn’t know about that bicycle group. What a wonderful idea that has come to fruition. We have one of those coffee makers and used to make coffee this way all the time, then we forgot about it! Oh boy, time to dust off the Chemex!

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