Thyme to Plant Sustainably

A few years ago I decided to take the plunge & transition our yard from a high maintenance patchy grass area to a drought resistant landscape.  I did A LOT of research on plants that would be sustainable & that I liked aesthetically.  Thankfully, the scientist in me loves the research & the rush of new knowledge!

This is a pic of one of the varieties of ground cover that I chose, creeping thyme.  It is an evergreen, can take high foot traffic, is thyme scented, blooms beautiful purple flowers throughout spring & summer, stops growing at a height of approx. 2″, attracts bees/butterflies/birds, is drought resistant & never needs to be cut!!  It is a ground cover that has a very long list of positives.  You can see the purple blanket of my yard from far away as it pops amongst the green grasses of the neighboring yards.

If you would rather not cut the grass, want to save water, want a flowering habitat for the bees & the butterflies check out evergreen ground covers!!  Its beauty will inspire & it helps save the resources of the planet.

Happy Friday!!!


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