Where Fairies Live

During the Festival of the Lights at Lewis Ginter this past winter I discovered these magical fairy dwellings!  They are the beautiful artwork of Patrick Dougherty.

Patrick is known for his art with sticks!  He builds amazing sculptures utilizing his creative carpentry skills.  He has art around the world in France, Italy, & all across the US.  It’s a treat to have such a masterpiece in RVA.

His skills combined with his willingness to allow the environment to dictate much of the process allows for more creative freedom.  Having no expectations allows room for maximum possibilities.  In an article from Style Weekly titled The Renegade Garden, he states,“I like the idea that you can fail, because most of the process is beyond your control. You’re forming it as you problem solve it. You don’t know all the answers ahead of time.”  In the same article Randee Humphrey, Director of Education of Lewis Ginter, states “to allow ourselves to lose control a bit and to allow things to happen in a way that we can’t predict. I think that’s what artists bring us to … that realization that we can’t control everything and that often the most unpredictable things are the most powerful.”

The Lewis Ginter sculpture is entitled, Diamonds in the Rough, & is still on Lewis Ginter’s calendar!  Check it out!  Part of the beauty of the sculpture is it’s temporary nature.  Watching the sticks as they compost back into the earth is part of the process!

pic from Lewis Ginter site


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