Bucket List Adventure

This is a pic of Leah, who I met at yoga training.  She has just released her blog “Don’t Stop Believing” that will be detailing her trip around the world to complete her bucket list!

Her blog intro states, “Whether it’s insanity or pure perfection I have quit my job & booked a one way ticket to the other side of the World. I am leaving behind my life, my family, my job to explore the world & fulfill a dream. All my material possessions have been stored, trashed or given away and all that remains is a guidebook in my hand, a vision in my mind & faith in my heart”.

Life is as fulfilling as you make it!  Leah’s adventure is an amazing example of living your life to the fullest!  Do you have a bucket list?  Do you have a plan to mark any of the items off the list this year?


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