Truffula Tree Pose!

I took this pic in the Dr. Seuss Land of Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida of me doing tree pose among the truffula trees:)

The truffula trees are from the Dr. Seuss story The Lorax. This story is a great reminder of how one action affects the whole.  If you haven’t read it, check it out!  It shows that we are all connected & that all actions that we take affect not only us, but also the environment that sustains us.

What harm could cutting one tree do?  In the story we see the damage that is done from a thought process that lacks awareness & foresight.  Action is an extension of your thoughts.  Bringing awareness to your thoughts allows you to process them before an action is taken.  The more positive your thoughts are the more positive your actions become.  More positive actions in the world create positive change!

The more educated you become, the more awareness & foresight you can bring into your lifestyle so that you may be a responsible steward of the land.  If you don’t know what practices are sustainable & earth friendly, research it.  Educating yourself is the key to showing your love for the Earth & all things living so that we all may live in a wonderful symbiosis.

Happy Earth Day!!


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