Happy Little Friday!

This is a pic I took in an ice cream store in Brooklyn.  Very smart psychology & it worked on me!  It was the healthiest ice cream I have ever had I am sure of it;)

There is also a psychology behind TGIF (Thank Goodness Its Friday).  When Friday rolls around happiness fills the air!

When one of my yoga students introduced me to Happy Little Friday (a.k.a Thursday) the psychology spread to a whole other day!!  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard this before!  Often when I say it to others they say “Ummm, it’s not Friday” & I get to share this wonderful concept with them.  It brings a lightness to Thursday & a hope that the work week will end.  It even works on those that don’t work the typical five day work week.

It’s a great example of how much our mental outlook affects us emotionally.  Mind over matter. I often tell my yoga students, fake it if you don’t currently have the positivity in you.  Starting to think in a positive manner will begin to break down the negative emotional wiring that has become set in your mind; your mindset.  It’s just a start but will be the beginning to a more positive outlook where you can assess the world & filter in the things that will add to the positivity & filter out the things that take away & distract from it.

As the positive mind is being set you can begin to assess what it is that you want as part of this healthier, happier lifestyle. Having the courage & strength to ask yourself: How do you feel on an everyday basis?  Are you passionate about your job?  Does your current life keep in line with your ideal lifestyle?  Is there room for improvement towards the goal of happiness?


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