Innovation: Thinking Inside the Box

Many people fantasize & excuse their dreams with “what if” or “only if” usually followed by “I had enough money or resources”.  For those that are having this experience, the story of Caine’s Arcade will surely inspire you to new heights.

Caine is a nine year old whose passion for arcades is so strong that he built one out of the discarded cardboard boxes of his father’s auto parts shop.  He made the games from scratch & came up with systems to run his arcade business that were within his immediate control & ability using ingenious problem solving strategies.

He had zero customers most days but this did not deter his ambition.  He kept the arcade open each day waiting for his future customers.  One such day, a filmmaker, Nirvan, happened upon Caine’s Arcade as he was seeking out an auto part.  He was so enamored with the arcade that he not only became Caine’s most loyal & enthusiastic customer but also made a documentary to share this magical creation with the world.  The short film is a must see!  It is so amazing it brought happy tears to my eyes.

This is an example of what separates the innovators from the rest of the pack. A lot of money goes a short way in comparison to a lot of passion.  At the age of nine, Caine has proven that he has the ingenuity, business sense & passion that it takes to succeed.  If you would like to help invest in his future, you can make a donation to his college fund.

What excuses do you conjure?  How could you realize your dream today?  Find your “cardboard box” & start pursuing your passion.

(Picture from Caine’s Arcade website)


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