First Little Friday of April!

One of the most inspiring energizing things you can do is to get out of your usual environment & do something new!

Tomorrow night is a great opportunity to do just that with First Friday’s art walk (located on Broad Street East of Belvidere) & the opening of the G40 Art Summit!!  The G40 Summit will have 6 locations throughout the art walk (7pm-11pm) & 500 artists with over 2000 pieces of art will be displayed.

This pic is one I took of the mural by the Italian muralist Pixel Poncho.  There are 13 International Muralists being showcased this First Friday!  It’s a first for a First Friday & a first for Richmond!!  Be a part of the city’s transformation from lifeless concrete walls to gorgeous pieces of art that bring people out & help the city come alive!  It makes the city safer, prettier & more inviting.

Happy Little Friday!  Please come out tomorrow night & show your support for the arts & the city!!


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