Gotta Have Faith

I got the pleasure of meeting Faith Ringgold at a talk she gave last Thursday in RVA.

Her story is as captivating as her artwork.  As a young girl she knew she would go to City College in NY with it’s “gothic buildings” to be an artist.   Upon reaching City college she discovered, being a woman, she wasn’t allowed to pursue a direct career in art but could study art if the emphasis was on becoming an educator.  This was her creative solution to studying art in college. She attributes the school to teaching her the ways of the traditional classical artists & attributes the young children she taught after college to teaching her about being an artist.

Her life story is not only very interesting its empowering!  Time and time again throughout her life she was told she couldn’t do something & through passion, perseverance & strength of character she was able to overcome many obstacles.  On her site there is a quote that reads “If One Can Anyone Can.  All you Gotta Do Is try”.

If you don’t know of her, please learn more.  She has produced amazing, thought provoking art including some amazing children’s stories.  She also wrote an autobiography that took her fifteen years to get published, but she did it!

What passion do you dream of accomplishing?  If it’s worth it to you, “all you gotta do is try”.


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