Purpose of Public Space

In regards to yesterday’s post: April Fools!  As you may have guessed, I am not (yet) speaking at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland this year, although I would love to!  I figured if April Fool’s Day is about being a trickster, I would make my trickery muse appropriate & turn it into an aspiration; give it positive purpose.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: purpose, specifically purpose of public spaces.

I was quite surprised & disheartened yesterday morning when I got news that Art 180 was asked by the city to pull their amazing art exhibit “What Do You Stand For?” due to complaints by some Monument Ave. private residents.  The purpose of the project is a positive one giving the children of the community a voice.

When I heard this news I was headed out to that very area of Monument to take place in the Lululemon yoga flash mob (pictured above) to celebrate community togetherness.  What an amazing gift to have everyone come out & unite in the public space that is Monument Avenue’s median.  There was an amazing energy & feeling of united purpose as we all woke our minds & stretched our bodies.  The art exhibit on Monument achieves the same community togetherness.  It gets people outside to enjoy the beauty of their city & to take in the positive spirit of these works of art.

Monument Avenue is a PUBLIC space; a common ground for the community.  It really makes you ask: What does the Richmond community stand for?   What do our public spaces stand for?

There is power in union.  Having public spaces that bring the community together are essential for a healthy culture.  Think about the purpose of the public spaces that you see on a daily basis.  Is there some greater purpose that they could serve?  What are some ways that Monument Avenue could be used on a regular basis to promote community & celebrate the diversity of Richmond?


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