Quiet Space

As I drive in my car I see-saw between keeping the radio on or just listening to the wind, the birds tweeting the invitation of spring & my thoughts & I realize, I am becoming addicted to talk radio (npr specifically).  I love music & talk radio but I also love quiet.  Not only do I love quiet, I need quiet.  I often turn off the radio to process my own thoughts; down time from the noise of the busy, busy world.  Talk radio is hard because I am also addicted to learning.  So today when the decision between learning that next thing or taking the time to listen to the hum of my own mind presented itself, I paused & turned the radio off.

Many times we are so scared of missing that next bit of information that will feed our brains & add to our knowledge that we forget to stop, listen & process what is already there.  Taking these moments, these pauses are important for keeping our mind & soul nourished.  Driving in quiet gets you there halfway; for true listening zero distractions are optimal.  Many great thinkers rely on meditation in their daily routine to do just that.  Make the time to breathe, be in the moment & listen.  Start with 5 minutes.  I took this pic near the meditation garden at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.  Where & when could you take 5 minutes to connect with your thoughts distraction free each day?


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