Pixel Pancho: 1 of 13 Internationally Known Muralists

This is a pic I took downtown of a street art piece done by the muralist Pixel Poncho.  The picture is only a small piece of the mural & does not do it justice; you’ve got to see the entire piece in person!  Pixel Poncho is here in RVA as part of the G40 Summit Project.  He is from Turin; a major culture rich city in northern Italy.  What separates Pixel Poncho from traditional artists is his usage of mediums such as spray cans to create masterpieces that enhance the city landscape.  We are extremely lucky to have him here in Richmond.  He brings with him a taste of Italian culture & heritage that translates into our modern world.  Come out for the festivities April 6th to see the beautification of bare concrete walls that have been transitioned into pieces of art!  Is there a piece of street art that you love?  If so, where is it located?


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