The Muralists Are Coming…

the muralists are coming….& the muralists are here!  I went on a mission to find the beginnings of the G40 Art Summit Project.  I saw a friends post about this & couldn’t believe I didn’t know about it!  This is a really big deal!  13 INTERNATIONALLY known muralist are participating in what is to be the inaugural opening event to announce the city’s ART DISTRICT!  I am so happy to see such a large-scale event come to little ol’ Richmond!  Many of us have known the awesomeness of RVA, but watch out!  Now the rest of the world will start noticing too!  Some of the murals are already up & others are works in progress. They are/will be located down Broad St between N 3rd St and N. Henry St.  This is a pic I took on Grace St. of a mural by one of the artists Gaia; this piece is a beautification of a once bland wall & I am very grateful to the artists & everyone involved for making this happen. This puts us on the map with cities like Philly & San Francisco that are known for their amazing street art.  This is not your ordinary art show; it’s EXTRAORDINARY!   Come out to this event & show your love for all things inspirational.  The opening reception is April 6 at 7:00pm until May 4 at 11:30pm as noted on their facebook page.  Stay tuned for I will be covering more on this event!  HAPPY LITTLE FRIDAY!!!


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