Cloud Gazing

I went on a walk in downtown RVA yesterday & was mesmerized by the beauty of the clouds.  I was on a different mission (super exciting mission I will write about later this week) but took a moment to look up & take in the beauty of the sky.  It reminded me of times in my life such as childhood or college when looking at the sky didn’t take a concerted effort.  It’s important to get back to these moments, to take in the beauty around you.  In the beginning it will take effort, but the more you integrate these moments back into your life, the more natural & everyday they will become.  What do you see in this cloud arrangement?  I immediately saw a duck; two seconds later it was a totally different creature.  Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”  Next time you are out on a clear blue day & there is a cotton ball sky, take a couple of minutes to look up & stretch your imagination.


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