Not your ordinary coffee

This is a pic I took at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Orlando Florida.  We were vacationing in an area with some pretty crappy foodie choices.  This was a hidden gem.  The food was great & the experience was amazing.  When our hostess offered coffee I had no idea the education I was about to receive.  To think I almost said no to coffee because it was late in the evening; she shared that they roasted their own beans & changed my mind.  I had no idea she roasted them in front of you as part of a traditional coffee ceremony.  This was a first for me at an Ethiopian restaurant with a ceremonious coffee service that the whole restaurant participated in.  It just shows the more you engage with the environment around you the more you will not just be in it, but become a part of it.  Next time you are in an unfamiliar environment, engage; it could change something as regular as a cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience.


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